The power of One
Refinity offers the most comprehensive
applications in the industry
One Platform
There are six categories designed to drive your business success.
  • Refinity offers you a unique and seamless digital experience.
  • All relevant applications available in one unique state-of-the-art cloud platform.
  • Refinity offers more applications than the competition.
  • You will find exclusive apps to support and improve daily operations.
  • Refinity is accessible on every device connected on the Internet.
One Password
The single-sign-on feature provides you access to all the cloud modules
without the need to change applications or systems.
  • Easy and fast registration.
  • Access to all the categories and every device (PC / tablets / phone) with one password.
  • Different user profiles per company possible.
One Set Up
As everything is in the cloud, updates happen automatically.
  • No software is required on your hardware and all servicing is done remotely.
  • Your data is always saved securely in the cloud.